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Syed Ahmadullah Shah

Syed Golamur Rahman

Syed Abul Bashar

Baba Mainuddin

Syed Saifuddin Ahmed

The Maizbhandari Order

“The love of Allah is like a hill. The lovers are the shadow of the hill. If that shadow remains at distance too, you should be under that shadow. – Maulana Rumi

There is no way of knowing how many Bangladeshis call themselves followers of the Maijbhandari pirs and participate in one or more of the Maijbhandari brotherhood activities. But these are not a cultic congregation, rather they symbolise universal brotherhood of mankind. The Maijbhandaris draw their members from the same mass following across all lines of social class.

The Maizbhandari order has been sowed and reaped on the fields of love. The order has been drenched with rainfall of love and crop it offers is product of live for the creator and all his creation. The Maizbhandari order believed that nothing can win against divine love. Even the devilish forces can be defeated at any level with force of divine love. Baba Mainuddin preaches a devotee of Miazbhandari order has to submit his or her egoistic existence to Allah with the sense of love.

But as Baba Mainuddin says the worldly live and live for creator have two different characteristics. Indeed love for Allah and for the world are completely two separate things.

In the worldly love the lover come to closeness due to their worldly attraction, qualities and compatibility of thought process. A devotee of Maizbhandari order sees this love as creator with his manifested qualities for devotee his or her lover is the qualities with which Allah has made this created world. As the love of Sufis in Maizbhandari order is not related to any unilateral so his or her efforts always remains to get infused with qualities to Allah that is to get drenched with the colour of Allah.

As the devotees of all the Sufi orders know that love in general term is love for a created being. The culmination of such love has limited dimension. In the case of worldly love its success is measured by the scale of want and its fulfilment. The culmination of worldly love can be happiness or sorrow in limited boundary. These happiness and sorrow are temporary. In the worldly love affairs sometimes sorrow is overridden by other sorrow or happiness and so on so forth. But love for the creator is permanent like the creator himself. It's the culmination should be permanent and ever pervading Baba Mainuddin says love for Allah cannot be defined and understood with the limited consequences of worldly love.

For Maizbhandari devotees who strive to practice the real Islam as preached by holy prophet Muhammad love for Allah means love with his qualities. The devotees through this love want to immerse in the very existence of the creator. The creator has manifested himself through qualities and exposed those in different form of creation. Allah's form where the qualities are not manifested cannot be perceived by the human minds which can understand only through comparison and references. Allah's form of beyond qualities which has no reference or comparison can not be perceived by human minds.

The Quran defines Allah as the light of heaven and earth so Sufi devotees called this beyond quality form of Allah as Noor-e-Jalali. But definition or description of Noor- e - Jalali cannot be given. Only once in theological history Prophet Musa (AS) was shown Allah's Noor e Jalali form but Musa (A) could not even stand the strength of that power for a moment rather he fainted. So it is still under the curtains of unknown mysteries for human kind.

Devotees of Maizbhandari order believe that Noor-e-Jamali has evolved from the Noor-e-Jalali. Noor-e-Jamali is relatively calmer, conceivable and less stronger. According to Hadis e qudsi from the Noor-e-Jamali Noor -e- Mohammadi was created. From Noor-e-Muahmmadai Lahu Mahfuz, heavan, hell, angles, earth moon and sun i.e everything was created.

A Maizbhandari devotee starts his or her journey towards the truth by knowing the real form of Noor e-Muhammadi to immerse into the Noor-Jamali and become non existent in Noor-e-Jalali.

Under the guidance of Baba Mainuddin a devotee of Miazbhandair order relentlessly try to reach Noor-e-Jalali starting his journey from loving the qualities of Allah realising the real form of Noor-e-Muahammadi.

Love of Maizbhandari devotees is free from the bonds of worldly happiness and sorrow. Immersion in such love brings attainment and happiness that are not describable. In the process of Sufis' love devotees inner force thoughts and realisation and belief become boundless, omnipresent and limitless strength.

But in this process or journey a devotee of Maijbhandari order never becomes an unsocial creation. They proceed in the path of love with caution so that people around him/her never misunderstand the divine love. The persuasion of knowledge is like a great scholar. Baba Mainuddin teaches his devotees to pass through at least four stages to proceed in love affair of devotees.

The first stage to develop love for every creation which is the manifestation of the creator, the sustainer. This process brings faith on Allah.

The second stage: A devotee at this stage has to follow the footsteps of Murshid or spiritual guide.

The third stage: The love and attachment with the murshid take the devotee to the stage where he can understand the nature of love that Prophet Muhammad had for the creator.

The fourth stage: The stage could described only by the Sufi devotee as the absolute entity of human kind is lost in the absolute nothingness and where Allah is manifested beyond describable qualities.

The Devotees

The followers of Maizbhandari order search for the real self within or cosmic self, the product of the universe in the evolution not the self what the surroundings i.e. environment and culture develops in a human being.

The path deals with consciousness of a person that unveils the cosmic self within that can be considered as the image of the universe itself.

To the Maizbhandari followers cosmic consciousness is above all sense influence. A Maizbhandari follower loses the egoistic existence in the love of the creator and to find his lost existence in the creator.

A devotee believes that the dedication, sacrifice and true love for the creation could evoke cosmic consciousness within. One must lose the natural self and looks for lost self in the Creator.

Famous Sufi Khan Sahib Khaja Khan, who was known as Guzur-e-Elahi (the Washerman of God), wrote: "Aein ja khud ra gum bayad kard wa gum kardai khud ra dar wujud bayad just:

"Here you should lose your 'self and Search for the lost 'self in existence.

Whenever the darkness of ignorance enfolded the mankind, great teachers came among them as blessing. These great men carried the torch of light-religion and philosophy-to advance the cause of humanity and civilization. With the power of knowledge and dedicated soul for serving the creation, they are like sources of unending light to remove the darkness of ignorance.

Many a great man who had proved to be the catalysts in the advancement of human civilization had to sacrifice their lives at the altar of Truth. These great teachers of mankind, most of whom were messengers of Truth from the Creator, went through unbearable pain of oppression inflicted by those who were in the wrong path of destroying the harmony of the entire creation. These great teachers acted like catalysts in ushering new eras of knowledge for the entire human race.

While describing the cause of the advent of the last Messenger, the Creator said that Muhammad has been sent as a blessing for all the creation. The companions of the Prophet (SM), who spent their days and nights together with him, grew into Sufis, teaching human beings how to know the Truth through loving the Creator and his creation.

Under the influence of the great personality of the Prophet , they became the peaceful individuals who could rightly disseminate the message of Islam and establish peace in human society. But unfortunately now a days misinterpretation of religion by a group of fanatics has destroyed the true image of Islam. This distortion has led mankind to a deep confusion about the real essence of Islam. The dignity of the individuals has no significance to them. But the sacrifices of the greatest teachers teach us that discovery of one's true human dignity enables one to see the dignity of others and respect their rights.

So, in our school of Maizbhandari Order, we are also trying to develop peaceful persons who can realize the real truth of creation and act as the catalysts in ushering peace and harmony in the society and will contribute devotedly to the development of his or her community and society.

Maizbhnadari Order was established in this South Asian Nation of Bangladesh by Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Ahmadullah Al Hassani Wal Hussaini, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad .

The fore-fathers of Gaus-ul-Azam Shah Sufi Moulana Syed Ahmadullah migrated to Gaur, the then capital of Bengal from Bagdad. At the outbreak of cholera in the form of epidemic in Gaur in the sixteenth century they came to Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Syed Matiullah Shah, Father of Hazarat Syed Ahmadullah settled at the village of Maizbhander in Fatikchari (P.S.). Syed Ahmed Ullah Shah was awarded the designation of Gaus-Ul-Azam for his spiritual greatness.

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The Devotees

Verses of the Quran

“The day whereon everybody will be called with their respective leader.”

– Sura Bani-Israel 17:71

“But he whom Allah leaves to stray,-for him you will find no protector to lead him to the right way.”

– Sura Al-Kahf 18:17

Sayings of the Holy Prophet

“The foundation of intellect is belief in the divine and being good to the others.”

“The foundation of wisdom is understanding the divine.”

“May the mercy of Allah be with you for your victory in the lesser Jihad and prepare you for the greater Jihad which will be against the nafs.”

– Hadith

Holy Speeches

“Hazrat Muhammad put on his two caps of Belayet one on my head & another cap on my elder brother Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Abdul Kader Jilani(R)."

“Select food like the pigeon. Do not eat the forbidden food. Praise Allah along with your children.

“Be converted into the soul of angel."

– Hazrat Gausul Azam Shah Ahmadullah (R)

Holy Speeches

“ A leaf never becomes a leaf of gold, but a leaf can be converted to a leaf of gold by the order of the Wali Allah (Friends of Allah)"

“I am folded with the characteristics of Allah generous like nature; so I keep myself Silent."

– Hazrat Gausul Azam Gulamur Rahman Bababhandari(R)

Holy Speeches

“ Baba Bhandari is crowned with the honourship of Gausul Azam.He has earned a vast treasury.I am the keyman of this treasury.No body will be able to dislock it without Me."

"Love for holy Prophet is the greatest wealth. It is only way of salvation in this world and the hereafter."

"Keep yourself away from those worst men who do not pay due respect to our Holy Prophet "

– Hazrat Syed Abul Bashar (R)

Holy Speeches

“A Sufi is a person whose heart is a mirror of the light of Allah. He does not speak before he knows; his words come from his heart.”

– Hazrat Gausul Azam Abdul Qader Jilani(R)

Holy Speeches

“Here you should lose your ‘self and search for the lost ‘self’ in existence."

– Guzur-e-Elahi

Holy Speeches

“ Holy love (Allah) and Mohammad were Chained in the same thread"

– Maoulana Rumi (R)

Holy Speeches

“The first recognized is Dhat (Essence) and the second recognized are sifat (activities & qualities). You first perceive the dhat (Essence) of Zayd and then his sifat (activities & qualities) like his knowledge, intelligence, etc."

“ Within you there are certain items: (1) Body (2) mind (3) Ruh (soul) (4) Sirr (secret) (5) Nur (light) (6) Reality (the Absolute Dhat)."

– Baba Mainuddin (M.J.A)

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